Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life isn't about the amount of breath's you take, its the moments that take your breath away.
So, last night was chill for me
Set up the studio in my garage for my cousin Soosh and my boy Tonchi to work on a track. The track is going to be HOT! It going to be a future club hit! Hahah

Friday, August 28, 2009


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

l o n d o n

via This Charming Blog by Theophilus London

When Jon first asked me to write for 12ftDwende, he asked who I would want to interview if I could interview anyone. Without hesitation, I said, “Theophilus London“. And this week I got my chance. His schedule is blowing up and the kid is getting harder and harder to nail down. So this was pretty monumental for me to sit down and talk with someone I knew was on the fast track to super stardom...

to continue to the full article please visit:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry I haven't been blogging for the past couples of days I have just been really really busy with everything. School, Work, Life, Friends, etc.

Speaking of friends thank you to my cousin Soosh*e for blogging about me and his Tumblr. (click) and this week is the last week my good friend Jordan Yee (click) is going to be in Sacramento till the holidays. This little artistic fellow is going to Academy of Arts located in SF. So, after this weekend I should be back to posting stuff on the blog maybe a little bit of posting of random pictures/phrases I like, probably something like the previous entry on here.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Listening to

Artist: Passion

She’s my sunshine in the rain
My Tylenol when I'm in pain yeah
Let me tell you what she means to me
Like a tall glass of lemonade
When it’s burnin’ hot on summer days
She’s exactly what I need

She’s soothing like the ocean rushing on the sand
She takes care of me
And she helps me be a better man
She’s so beautiful, sometimes I close my eyes
She’s exactly what I need

She’s my smile when I’m feelin’ blue
My good night sleep when the day is through
Let me tell you what she means to me
(She’s kinda like this)
Kinda like the feelin’ after your first kiss
Except that Everyday she makes me feel like this
She’s exactly what I need

(Chorus x 3)
She’s soothing like the ocean rushing on the sand
She takes care of me
And she helps me be a better man
She’s so beautiful, sometimes I close my eyes
She’s exactly what I need

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Okay, I don't know what happened... I know I tend to be over-protective but I have kept my distance and now she wants to over-react about a word I said "oh" which was not intended to mean anything but "okay" or "alright" because I was perfectly fine with what she was doing.
I don't get how she can act this way and feel the opposite at the same time.
I hope she is reading this so she knows how bad she made me feel about something that makes no sense.
(not to anger her) just saying and hopes she finds this whole thing pointless.

Don't watch unless you actually Watch and LISTEN

No More Heroes.

Link to original article.

Just when I am ready to leave Rap/Hip-Hop behind and begin a career in electronica/emo/phunk-rock, some sh*t comes along and hits my eardrum in the balls. Emcee, Sean La Marr & Producer, Jon Reyes of Delorean bring to us on this outstanding EP, a 30 minute tapestry of ‘heart on a sleeve’ emotion, real-life documentarianism, humor-ridden introspection, and wicked balls-out boom-bap (I swear that will be my final testes reference – no homophobez).

Cali’s capitol should mos definitiely be proud of this project and I can state without a doubt that this is one of the most solid Hip-Hop records of two-thousand-nine, real talk: 2 G’z, 9 pennies.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Annie are you okay?

robot eye's

"As I spy from behind my giant robot's eyes
I keep him happy 'cause I might fall out if he cries
Scared of heights so I might pass out if he flies
Keep him on autopilot 'cause I can't drive
Room enough for one I tell my homies they can't ride
Unless they sittin on the shoulders but that's way too high
Let's try not to step on the children
The news cameras filmin
This walkin project buildin
Now there's hoes sellin hoes like right around the toes
And the crackheads beg at about the lower leg
There's crooked police that's stationed at the knees
And they do drive-bys like up and down the thighs
And there's a car chase goin on at the waist
Keep a vest on my chest
I'm sittin in my room as I'm lookin out the face
Somethin to write about
I still got some damage from fightin the whitehouse, just a


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Before I start Im just going to warn you that Im going to ramble on about this girl. :]

Man, where do I start about her. Hmmmmmm... there is so much to say!
I known her for a long time and over time our friendship has developed a so much

we have been through A LOT! literally everything, just name it.

I've always been there for her, I can honestly say I love her, and she is probably reading this but oh well she means everything to me x]

no matter what I am doing or what time of day, she is always on my mind

sorry, I guess I didn't ramble on, its just that there is too much to say but stuck haha its complicated to say :]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Okay, this is a good friend of mine.
Her name is Sondra, she is a very talented singer and when I say very talented I mean VERY TALENTED!
she has a strong voice but also really shy, but I can sense she is breaking out of that shell little by little as she gets more comfortable with her self on camera and her voice.

So here are the 3 most recent videos.

check her out on

Monday, August 10, 2009

2nd Sat.

please check

if you want to know what went down in Sac.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

88.8 mph

5th Ave & Plush Lush are the Rogue Scholars. Peep the new vid featuring the Rogue Scholars’ “Premium Blend” and Plush Lush’s “Menthe Leaf”

Directed by Sami Abdou. Edited by Doug Herman. Assisted by: Hashim Hassan, Ashleigh Rucker, James Thornton, and Evan Koehne.

To see more from the Faux Real crew visit:

Shout outs to my dudes from Delorean - 5th Ave & Jon Reyes

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Okay I'm going to post some lyrics and these lyrics explain what I'm going through right now.

"is it my fault i can't speak
or that my body becomes weak
or that i can hardly move
at the very thought of you

nothing ever really got to me
i could always turn the other cheek
could it be those days are gone
could've sworn that i was strong

at least stronger than these emotions
that are taking over me
i swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me

no no no no this can't be it
the less you are the less she is
no no no no 'cause i can usually handle this
its just i wasn't ready for this

i wasn't ready for these emotions
that are taking over me
i swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me

you're the silence in a roaring crowd
you're the equivalent of a fluffy cloud
a genie in a bottle
make a wish to wish the wishes will never end
you're the platinum in my treasure chest
you're the answer that i never would guessed
you're a love life test
and i don't mind at all
i don't mind at all

i swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me
i swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me"

Artist: Gabe Bondoc
Song: Stronger Than

caught up.

Sorry that I didn't blog last night or this morning but I was just to busy being caught up in my love life, which is not looking too good for me.

Well, thats the reason why.

but today I just needed something to keep my mind off of her so my good friend Jordan brought his friend Kevin here to Sacramento from Portland to show him how underrated and unnoticed the Sac talent is so we took him to all the Boutiques we have here in Sac and to be honest we are getting up! hahah
then after that later on that night we went to 5th ave. from Delorean birthday concert he threw at Tex Wasabi's in Arden to be honest if you were there it was Sac hip hop at it's best.

First performance was my boy Verbalistic, dope emcee.
after that we had the legendary Leejay Abucayan and at the end of his set His older sister and himself sang 5th ave. Happy Birthday.
then last but not least, a performance by Delorean! with guest appearance by Dahlak.

and by the end of the night, she was still on my mind.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm up.

"Sent you a message, sent you an email
Hasty decisions we may still prevail
Both needed breaks, we both needed to bail
Walking through the corridors of my mind
The hideaways, the nooks, there filled with good times
Memories certainly yes they still bind
Still a common man and yeah that's for sure
Still a bankroll and yeah still can tour
The madness, the thing we had was much more
Come back home, don't be out in the world
It's a rat race and always for a girl
And most scavengers have found the pretty pearl
It's for the faint of heart who never get enough
Gotta get tough, buckle em up, we call em duds
And we, and we and we ahhh

We gotta gettin up
We gotta gettin up
Today is nice come on we gettin up
Said we gettin up
Said we gettin up
Tonite is right come on we gettin up
Said we gettin up
Said we gettin up"

Artist: Q-tip
Song: Gettin' up

and this is the other song I love waking up to! hahaha
well, today is a beautiful day in Sacramento!
it's going to be 76 degrees today and I LOVE it!
I love the cold weather by the way x]

so I guess I'm off to make my daily routine to go downtown
mid-town actually and chill with Dragatomi and Havoc
(click name)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the rest of the day...

Okay, so for the rest of the day I did absolutely NOTHING!

except play video games with my little brother and his friend
oh and also the boys Chuuwee and Cam stop by The Bocks to chill one time.

but other than that my day has revolved around the same topic about women.
whether it chained off of the late night conversation I had with a special some to the last song I heard at the end of the day.

here is the link to the song by the way-
Artist: SEVEN
Song: Man's Gift

but yeah about this special some I'll just say one quick thing just in case she is reading this.

We have been through everything and when I say everything I mean EVEYTHING!
whether it was the happy and sad times to the funny and hated times
I'll just say I'll always be there for her.


"Good morning America, good morning to Erica, who gave me good head while watching Good morning America"

Hahaha Man, I love that song
Its 1 out of the 2 songs I love waking up to, especially after having that random dream I had last night.

P.s. Yes I know its like 12:46 p.m. Right now but that's my morning to me so don't judge me! Hahah except when I have to work x]

Keno presents... "Sweet Sixteen"

Here is the Track list:
1. Get up
2. Bust It Baby
3. Who's A Jerk
4. Conglomerate
5. From Another Planet
6. Magnificent ft. John Legend
7. Hustlers Anthem 2009
9. Blame It
10. Hottest
11. Im Goin In
12. Every Girl
13. Addicted
14. OK
15. Shut Shit Down ft. Haz Solo
16. Do It Now ft. DJ JUN
Bonus: Summer Lover ft. Justin Timberlake

Okay, so everything on this Mixtape is KILLING THE MAINSTREAM!!!
be on the look out for The Otherside
(click name)
Okay now that I have the Blogger updates on my phone.

WOOOOO!!! Its a wrap! Haha

I'm going to have new post like crazy now!
Just like the updates on my Twitter lol


Well as you can see its 2:22 a.m. So GOODNIGHT AMERICA!

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sending a text message to my blogger right now just to see if it works x]

First post :]

Okay! so I finally decided to do a Blogspot for myself so I can update this with whatever I want about anything! ...(wink wink)... don't get any ideas! hahah

So yeah, before I got this Blog I used to constantly publish another Blog. (here is the link) H.A.B.I.T. Magaizne but it came to a temporary standstill.

OH! and another thing... I FIGURED OUT HOW TO ADD A BACKGROUND IMAGE!!!! hahaha
took me long enough to edit the HTML by hand though x] (it was a pain!) but I did it.

p.s. If you like the picture in my background check out this guy