Thursday, November 19, 2009


It is so inconvenient to blog on you especially when you don't have any program or application to blog from a cell phone the only way you can do that is text message what you want to blog and to me, I think that is LAME and unattractive to the whole blogging relationship I have with you so you won't be receiving much from me so don't expect anything to be on this blog. Maybe every once and awhile I MIGHT send some venting I do if I have my cell phone on me.

That's it, goodbye.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jimjobob & Stella pt.1

Jimjobob: - Is that a fish on your head, Stella?
Stella : - Why yes, Jimjobob! Thank you for noticing! I see that you're wearing the pink Banana fruit cake dress again.
Jimjobob: - Actually, no. That's my pet rat, Freddie! Say hello, Freddie.
Freddie: - Hello.
Stella: - So, Jimjobob, I hear that you've recentlty been transmogrified into a giant space bat.
Jimjobob: - Why yes! How did you guess?
Stella: - I'm a crab!
Jimjobob: - Errrrr, Ok...