Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jimjobob & Stella pt.1

Jimjobob: - Is that a fish on your head, Stella?
Stella : - Why yes, Jimjobob! Thank you for noticing! I see that you're wearing the pink Banana fruit cake dress again.
Jimjobob: - Actually, no. That's my pet rat, Freddie! Say hello, Freddie.
Freddie: - Hello.
Stella: - So, Jimjobob, I hear that you've recentlty been transmogrified into a giant space bat.
Jimjobob: - Why yes! How did you guess?
Stella: - I'm a crab!
Jimjobob: - Errrrr, Ok...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shapely, dazzling, classy, sassy
I'm coming close but no cigar
Oh I can't seem to find a word
That sums up what you are
Searching far and wide
To find a word for what I see
But I keep coming back empty-handed
Nothings good enough for you to me
Dictionary how come I can't find
Any words inside you that apply
None of these words seem to catch my eye
We need a new word for her
We need a new word for her
Smart and charming, yet its alarming just
How disarming she can be
I'm a bit concerned with lack of
You're my favorite question
And the answer to my dreams
I am not a writer
But I figured I may have to be, yeah
You enter "You"
Well I Googled you it ain't helping
Girl, I thought I knew but I didn't
Somebody please we need a word inventor intester
Somebody get me the number to a Webster
Right now, right now

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay! I know its been awhile since the last time I blogged but its hard for me to actually STAY at a computer and just type away of what I am doing and did the previous day so I decided to set up the "Mobile Blogging" thingy so now all I have to do is send what I am doing or what I did as a text message and it would go straight to my blogspot! hahaha YAY!

So..... what I have been up to is too much to type so I'll just say what I remember of what happen.

1. Second Saturday this month was a huge FAIL! thanks to under-aged alcoholics.

2. Cousin Soosh*e killed the Barcode Club performance along with Chuuwee

3. School is the same.

4. 12ft. Dwende hahahaha

5. uhmmm.... Jordan introduced me to GC'ing and I am addicted! sorry can't tell you what it is because if I do there is a risk "some people" will pick up the trend and just kill it. Just how they murdered 2nd. Saturday.

6. I have no idea what else to say.

7. :P


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just to recap from Thursday night to last night.
Thursday: went to school in the morning just a normal daily Tuesday and Thursday routine, after that chilled with the boy Cam just to kill time and on accident we found the perfect thing to do to kill time and that was having your car go dead at a gas station! and we waited like an hour and half just to have some one come and take a look at it and the entire time the CAR WAS FINE! definitely a fml moment. hahah but after all that got situated we went back to the school to pick up our friend Sondra, then headed out to pick up our boy Chuuwee and made our way to Sac State for a B-Boy battle and I worked the 12ft. Dwende booth(Shout outs to the Dwende Fam), during the event we ran into our friend Iman! we resides in the dorms of Sac State hahha.
Friday: had a normal day at work, chilled with Chuuwee while working and by the time I got picked up and hopped in the car I was baffled to find a cute 18 year old Mexican Foreign Exchange student in the car hahah I was caught off guard, her name is Andrea but she prefers Andy for short. So that night my good friend Jordan came back to Sac. from his new home San Francisco and by this time it was Me, Chuuwee, Jordan, Raelyn, Andrea, My little brother, and Sister, we were just all hanging out at my house hahah then finaly took Chuuwee to Clarksburg and scared him for his Birthday hahah

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In all honor, I would like to take this time to thanks my best friend who should be considered a family member Brandon "Soosh*e" Shimabukuro for bringing me to the event I was taken to tonight. After witnessing what I witnessed tonight I have seen so many people moved and touched emotionally and spiritually and I am not shamed to say that I am myself. This experience has changed my perspective on life it self, all because of spiritual songs who was lead by a great music artist and lyrics carried out by the entire crowd. I have never been in a single place where diversity is at its greatest and on every single face you see hope, joy, pride and friendship. The event I was introduced to is called "The Remix" of Bayside of South Sacramento aka B.O.S.S. And the experience and knowledge I gained is a life time experience.

Thank you Soosh*e